Who We Are

Here are our volunteers:

Katharine Valentino

Katharine Valentino, Co-Lead

Most of us long for meaning and purpose in our lives. Katharine Valentino always felt honorable. However, opportunities to do something honorable were rare during her too-long working life — early on as a sales clerk, mail sorter, maid, waitress, assistant trainer for the blind, administrative assistant, modern jazz dancer and house painter; then after getting a degree in journalism from Indiana University, a newspaper reporter and editor, technical writer, and poetry and memoir editor; last after intensive self-training, a website creator, programmer and software systems engineer. Not one of these jobs seemed all that fulfilling, They just paid the rent.

Now in retirement, Katharine welcomes the opportunity to co-lead Plastic Up-Cycling Oregon.

Scott Rosin, Co-Lead

Scott Rosin, formerly chair of the Newport, Oregon, Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, is now acting chair for Plastic Up-Cycling Oregon.

Scott is an inveterate surfer and writer with a career history in forest labor. He says, “I worked for 47 years as a fire-fighter, smokejumper, tree planter, pre-commercial thinner, timber-faller, logger and all-round construction guy. I was a small-business owner for 31 one of those years. If it involved blood, sweat and lower back pain, I’ve done it, or I’ve shown others how to do it.”

Scott’s poetry has been published in numerous woodland, firefighting, surfing, and literary magazines. He was featured as the world’s foremost surfing poet in The Glide: Renaissance of Long-Board Surfing, a history and commentary about contemporary long-board surfing by Chris Bystrom. His most recent work is Tell ‘Em We’re Surfing, a varied poetical collection referencing classic updates of Faustus and The Ancient Mariner and employing the beat and rhythm of the ocean.