Precious Plastic Project

Precious Plastic, as described on a website by that name, is “open-source machines, tools and infrastructure to fight plastic pollution from the bottom up.” People who operate the equipment sometimes call it “community-based micro-recycling.” A number of products can be made with this equipment, but perhaps the most interesting use for it is to feed 3-d printers.

Precious Plastic has been around for a while. People around the world have implemented different versions of the equipment.

Our precious plastic project is in the planning stage. The plan is to have volunteers coordinate with Career Technical Education teachers who have access to 3-d printers. Students will collect Type 2 plastic (think bottles), feed that into the Precious Plastic shredders, heat the shredded material until it melts and then extrude the rapidly cooling product.

The purpose of this project is to educate students in possible alternatives to tossing plastic in trash cans and to create small useful durable products that can be used in schools, sold or given to parents and supporters or distributed locally.