Plastic to Fuel Project

Willie E. (Skip) Rochefort, Ph.D., AIChE Fellow, at the University of Oregon School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering is leading a project to convert waste plastic into a diesel additive. Our contribution to this project is to establish a small local site and work with our local waste-management companies to provide the plastic.

The advantages of a plastic-to-fuel solution to the problem of plastic waste are:

  • All types of plastic can being processed.
  • Minimal washing is needed.
  • Labels on bottles and the wood and other vegetable matter in beach wrack does not need to be separated out.
  • The gaseous byproduct will be re-utilized in the process.
  • A significant amount of plastic can be removed from the waste stream.

A business that has provided the location for a reactor can benefit from the good public relations resulting from resolving at least some of the plastic problem.

The idea behind this project is to stay small and inexpensive, keeping plastic out of the waste stream and avoiding the costs our waste-management companies would otherwise have to incur to transport plastic to a landfill in Salem.