We’re Writing A Grant Request

Image by Nick Youngson

As my mother used to say about any complex and unfamiliar task, “It’s like pulling eye teeth.”

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We need money for the Plastic Roads project to pay for required independent laboratory testing and the Plastic Roads materials to be tested. Testing by an independent laboratory — and successful test results — are required by The Oregon Department of Transportation. ODOT is responsible for road-building standards, in this case specifically for the standards for including recycled materials in Oregon roads.

Testing is expensive. One might argue it is unnecessary since so much testing has already been done worldwide. In Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, testing has been successful and roads, driveways and car parks have been or are being built with Plastic Roads. But Oregon wants to make sure, and who can blame the people responsible for that.

But right now, we only have a combined four eye teeth.

Wanna help us out?