Two Road-Building Plastic Products Being Explored

Two road-building plastic products, MR6 and MR8 are being explored for their use in Plastic Roads. The products, produced by  MacRebur, “the Plastic Road Company,” extend and enhance the bituminous binder used in asphalt. Both have been used in a dozen countries and have proved to contribute to better roads that do not leach plastic into the environment.

MacRebur has contracts and successful histories with countries across the world. In the U.S., required trials of its products are nearing completion in California, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. CEO Toby McCartney reports he is now talking with 72 people all across the U.S. about contracts to produce or distribute MacRebur products. We are the first from the Pacific Northwest, however.

Before any new material can be used in roads, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) must incorporate it in the standards for the types and allowable percentages of materials that can be used in asphalt production. ODOT requires testing by an independent research lab as a first step in this process. A testing plan and budget are being prepared for this purpose by the Oregon State University Asphalt Materials Performance Laboratory.