What We Do

The plastic in this bin, used only once, will degrade over time into microplastic and nanoplastic, which is consumed by wildlife and people, and which releases cancer-causing toxins. Wouldn’t it be better to convert it to useful durable products? –Photo by Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr.

We strive to bring together entrepreneurs, governmental and civil authorities, charities and facilitating and funding organizations to convert discarded plastic into useful durable products that do not return to the waste stream. Our goal is to work with these stakeholders for the benefit of these stakeholders.

Our volunteers and stakeholders do the following:

  • Identify “up-cycling” equipment, processes and products to convert the plastic waste stream into valuable products.
  • Acquire funding through grants and crowd funding.
  • Identify required tests and arrange for adherence to quality control.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Coordinate the use of existing collection sites to make plastic available for up-cycling.
  • Sort and prepare plastic for up-cycling.
  • Enable existing companies or entrepreneurs to profit from the sale of up-cycled products.
  • Keep the public informed.

We hope to create a model system for up-cycling plastic that can be replicated by any community in the United States.